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    Over a dozen individuals from the Greenville GLBT and Allies community gathered in 2012 with the idea of restarting a Greenville GLBT Pride Festival. While the organization and hopes for a 2014 festival fizzled, a website had been established, and will be maintained as a resource to help network the community in hopes that eventually we may be able to revive the effort.

    During the mid 1990's a huge growth in activism in Greenville had led to the creation of the Down East Pride Festival, held from 1996 to 1998. A 1999 festival was planned, but cancelled due to the landfall and subsequent flooding of Hurricane Floyd. Organizers had already planned for that to be the final festival because the organizing group had dwindled in membership to a level that was becoming unsustainable.

    A simmilar swell in organization had occurred surrounding the 2012 effort to defeat NC's anti-marriage Ammendment 1. While much energy was expended in the efforts it continued on afterwards with several new organizations, including OutGreenville forming, but the interest declined more quickly, leading to groups going defunct.

    Our hope is that this website resource will help spur more participation in remaining organizations and efforts, and that it may assist others to start new efforts. Please share this resource with others and contribute content to be shared with others.

    New Hopes

    2015 has seen a new surge in activity within the Greenville LGBTQ Community. Another group has formed to revive the dream of bringing Pride back to Greenville and will use the name OUT Greenville. They have decided to establish their own web presence using OUTGreenville.com (under development) while this site will remain as a portal for access to all the known LGBTQ events and resources here, cooperatively, but independent of the new organization. The new OUT Greenville Community Group is planning several events for the community leading up to a planned Pride Festival tentatively to be held in the Spring of 2017. Longer-term plans include exploring the feasibility of establishing a Greenville LGBTQ Community Center.

    2015 has also seen the establishment of a Greenville area chapter of PFLAG, as well as some discussion of starting a chapter of LGBT Democrats, a local affiliate of Equality NC, or possibly both.


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